Best milk frother

A proper milk frothing can really add to your enjoyment of a good cup of coffee as foamed milk adds a little extra sweetness to the taste. Flat milk will taste dull by comparison so you won’t be winning any awards for the beverage. Short of having a professional barista on hand for when you want your milk frothed just so, your next best option is to acquire a machine which can do the job for you at a comparable level. You won’t be getting intricately designed foam art on your beverage with one of these machines, but at least you’ll be enjoying a decent cuppa with properly foamed milk.

Any coffee, from cappuccinos to lattes, should have well prepared milk if you are to experience the full flavor of the brew in all its glory. A cappuccino is best served with milk doubled in volume by foaming, while lattes typically require less foam at one third of the volume.

One option to go for when it comes to enjoying coffee with well froth milked is to purchase a separate milk frother like the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother pictured below. While using one of these in conjunction with your coffee machine may save you money, it does add to the time it takes to create the perfect cup of coffee, and they do take a little practice to get the right consistency every time.


A good quality latte or cappuccino system will have a dedicated milk frother built in. While the machine is busy brewing coffee on one side, your milk is happily frothing away on the other and will be ready for you to pour when the brewing is complete. It all makes for a quick and easy solution with less clean up and no guess work as to how the milk will turn out.

A choice of frothing modes also creates a more versatile machine as sometimes you may be in the mood for a cappuccino, and at other times you might be in the mood for something a little stronger, such as a full flavored latte. A milk frother with easy settings for cappuccinos, lattes, or cold froths therefore, is a must.

While it is possible to froth your milk on the side – there are automatic standalone milk frothers – there’s nothing worse for a coffee lover than having a latte going cold while you wait for the milk to gets it froth on. The best coffee machine with milk frother will keep everything timed perfectly for a brew at the right temperature, and frothy milk ready to pour.