Best coffee machine for your business office

Bland boring coffee is hardly the stuff to inspire you or your staff to greater heights of productivity during those tough stints at the office but most businesses are happy to have the obligatory 12 cup pot churning out stale lukewarm coffee day in and day out. A lot of businesses also buy instant coffee in the over sized containers as a cost cutting measure, but wouldn’t it be better to show your appreciation of your staff members by serving them coffee that is a little more upmarket. A decent sized coffee machine which provides good quality coffee actually has a couple of major advantages to any business.

Firstly, while instant may be instant, if you think about the time spent waiting for kettles to boil, then the time spent actually making the instant coffee, and then add all of that time up between all of your staff members, you’d probably be shocked at just how much time so called instant coffee sucks out of your employees’ busy schedule. And it’s not even good coffee! Secondly, a happy office is a productive office and there’s not much an employee loves more than a good cup of coffee they don’t have to pay for.

The amount you spend on purchasing the best coffee machine for a business or office will depend a lot on how many staff members the coffee machine will be serving each day. A bigger business will naturally need something larger and more robust, especially if it needs to serve a number of people at the same time. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a cheap machine as this will likely need replacing in 12 months time. Instead, opt for something that is going to last the distance.

Speed is also an important factor as you don’t want your employees milling around wasting time waiting for their brew. This probably means that most espresso machines are out as there are limits on how far a business should be expected to go in terms of coffee supply.

You also want to keep your coffee expenses to a minimum which negates the use of a pod machine. Using up pods day in day out will have a startling effect on the bottom line once you spread that cost out over a number of employees – especially with some of them drinking three and four cups a day or more. For a moderately large office, a good quality barista machine that is self-cleaning and largely automatic should make a good fit. Smaller offices may get away with one of the smaller automatic coffee machines and if you really want to get fancy an automatic coffee bean grinder on standby will keep even the biggest coffee snob employees happy.

We highly recommend DeLonghi’s ECAM22110SB compact automatic espresso and cappuccino machine.